Chairman's Message
Chairman DNIRC

Dear Viewers,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our website.

Dubai is positioned as an important regional and global financial center, home to local and international businesses. In line with the success of the city and the strong UAE economy, the insurance sector witnessed a remarkable growth in the recent years .

The success of Dubai has motivated DNIR to strive and grow steadily over the years, while not compromising profitability to growth; and by keeping our commitment to offering our customers protection backed by financial strength.

DNIR is among the pioneers of the UAE Insurance Industry and was established in 1991 with a corporate objective to achieve maximum sustainable growth that will produce consistent profitability based on a mixed, yet balanced portfolio of risks coupled with excellent reinsurance security. This fundamental philosophy has steered the growth of DNIR in the subsequent years, thereby gaining an excellent reputation for service and integrity.

The key factor behind our success is undoubtedly the loyalty of our valued customers, the commitment and competence of DNIR management along with excellent business relations with our Reinsurers, Brokers and other intermediaries.

Through our website we offer our customer’s best in class customized insurance products and services that answer various personal and corporate needs at competitive rates. We are also proposing new channels of communications and online services to enhance customer experience.

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