General Manager's Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our new website.

Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance (DNIR) is proud to present this new facility to our valued customers, and we trust that you will find it easy to navigate and relevant to your requirements.

We offer a range of insurance solutions for the individual and their family. Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance (DNIR) can assist and protect you from the surprises that form part of our daily lives. For consumers we will assist you if you fall ill, in the event of a motor accident, or if you unfortunately lose part of your possessions and assets. We look out for your minor inconveniences, and can also take care of any major, unforeseeable changes in your life, for instance the loss of your home to a fire, flood or other event.

For businesses we can help to protect against physical threats such as damage to your premises, your employees meeting with an accident; but in addition we can secure your expected profitability by compensating you for an interruption to your normal business operations.

This is important for the long term survival of your enterprise. Statistics show that out of all businesses that experience a major disruption only 50% manage to recover fully. Those 50% will be the ones who have chosen their insurance partner with care. DNIR is here to provide professional advice to secure your success and prosperity.

Please utilize our website as a point of contact to DNIR. You’ll find our details listed and you will in future be able to buy many of our products on-line, as we introduce them online one by one.

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