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Insurance Essentials
1. Do I Need Health Insurance

In today’s fast moving world, Health insurance covers and protects you from the high costs of expensive and good quality healthcare.

Anything from a broken limb to a critical surgery or treatment for a life threatening illness could be covered with the use of our various health insurance policies.

We at Dubai National Insurance and Reinsurance Co are committed to offering plans that suit our clients’ diverse needs. We are proud to have partnered with industry leaders like Nextcare, Mednet and also offer HMO insurance through Musallanet and Starwell. Our policies are flexible and have been developed to protect individuals, families or small, medium and large employee groups.

2. Do I Need Group Life Insurance?

Yes, if you are an employer wanting to bring wider benefits to your employees’ remuneration package. Group life insurance assures financial stability to the dependants of an employee in case of loss of income caused due to an unfortunate event of bereavement.

DINR has partnered with Arab Re-insurance Group (ARIG) and Re-insurance Group of America (RGA), both of impeccable reputation to let us to provide cost effective Group Life insurance solution to our clients.

3. Do I Need Workman Compensation Insurance?

Workman compensation or WC as it is commonly referred to have a wide range of benefits and is tailored for businesses employing staff to work both inside and outside the premises of the office. The importance of WC is highlighted in the fact that it has been made mandatory in the UAE as per Chapter 8 of Federal law No.8 (1980).

WC covers employees against medical expenses arising out of work related accidents, loss of wages during absence due to such accidents and also repatriation costs in an event of such accidental death. WC can be extended to include coverage for an employer’s Liability in an event of death of an employee.

4. Do I Need Public liability Insurance?

Running a business can be a risky affair. It is common these days for businesses to enter litigation fiascos with the slightest mistakes can spell financial ruin.

Public Liability or Third party Liability offers coverage against costs attached to legal and defence procedures including compensation in case of an adverse court ruling towards a third party for property damage or personal injury.

5. Motor Insurance

It is mandatory in the UAE to have motor insurance. DNIR provides cost effective individual motor insurance solutions through a couple of well developed polices named Classic and Gold. Our competencies also include underwriting corporate and commercial-fleet polices including heavy vehicles and high performance cars.

What are the other Business Insurance covers I need?

We understand that different businesses have different requirements. Therefore, we have customised solutions to cover every aspect of business risks.
We provide insurance covers for:

  • Contractor’s plant and Machinery
  • Property all risk
  • Contractor all risk
  • Erection All risk
  • Jewellers Block
  • Marine hull (Pleasure craft)
  • Fidelity Insurance
  • Money insurance

To know more, please do contact us and our relationship manager will be glad to assist you.

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