Property : All Risks Insurance

This insurance provides financial protection to the insured property against accidental physical loss or damage.

The property insured comprise of fixed and movable assets, stocks and stock in process, goods held in trust or commission, Machinery, Plant, Furniture, Fixture, Fittings etc.

This insurance is an “All Risks” protection and provides a broader coverage for loss or damage from any causes except those which are stated as specific exclusion under this insurance. The perils covered under this insurance include, but not limited to the following:-

  • Fire and Lightning,
  • Aircraft damage,
  • Explosion & Implosion,
  • Malicious damage,
  • Loss or damage
  • Riot, Strike and Civil commotion,
  • Storm, Tempest, Flood, bursting and or overflowing of water tanks, pipes and apparatus (including sprinkler leakage),
  • Earthquake Fire and Shock,
  • Impact by own vehicles,
  • Burglary or attempted theft (by violent and forcible entry to or exit from the premises) and accidental

The cover is designed generally to suit the requirements of Commercial and Industrial establishments.

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