General Accident : Money Insurance

The Physical movement of money has always been matter of concern, for that we provide you the security and peace of mind with Money Insurance.

The Terms Money includes cash, bank drafts, currency notes, treasury notes, postal orders, money orders and postage stamps.


  • Cash In Transit: Loss of money caused by robbery, theft, or any accidental event
  • Cash In Safe: From the insured’s safe or strong room caused by theft or robbery
  • Money from the insured’s premises during business hours caused by theft or robbery


  • Cost of Safe
  • Infidelity of employee carrying cash
  • Personal Assault cover for Cash Carrying employee

Major Exclusions

  • Any Consequential losses of any kind
  • Loss arising out of the infidelity of insured or insured’s employees
  • Loss of money from the insured premises where the money is not kept in a safe or strong room after business hours, money carried under a contract of affreightment
  • Loss of money from unattended vehicle