General Accident : Fidelity Guarantee

This insurance designed to cover the actual financial loss sustained by the insured as a result of dishonest/fraudulent act of the employee(s) in connection with his employment as specified in the insurance. The insurance indemnify up to the limit specified for the employee

Type of Covers

  • Individual Cover: Only one individual is guaranteed
  • Collective Cover: The entire staff or numbers of selected people are covered based on employees designation or names.

Major Exclusions

Any loss if:

  • Arising out of suppression of fact affecting the risk at the time of effecting the certificate
  • There is any change in the circumstances of employment without Company’s approval
  • More than one claim in respect of any one employee
  • Arising outside Geographical location
  • Due to non-observance of systems of check and precautions
  • Any subsequent to an earlier act of dishonesty which came to the notice of insured.