Marine : Inland Transit

The following insurance under this category are intended to cover goods whilst in transit by Road or Rail, depending upon the needs of the client:

Single/Individual Land Transit Insurance

Under this insurance, coverage is given to a single transit from a specified point of origin to the specified destination.

Open Cover/Annual Land Transit Insurance

An Open Cover/Annual Insurance is a contract covering all transits of the Insured during the period of insurance on terms as agreed on a declaration basis. By availing this, the participant is relieved of the hassle of arranging separate policies for individual transits and need only to make periodical declaration of the details of transits

Scope of Cover

The insured has the option choose the coverage as per the following :

  • Land Transit All Risks Insurance: Covering All Risks, subject only to the specified exclusions
  • Land Transit Basic Insurance: Covering 1) Fire 2) Lightning 3) Breakage of Bridges 4) Overturn of Carrying Vehicle 5) Collision with or by the carrying vehicle