Travel Insurance : FAQ

  • Do I need Travel Insurance??

    Travel insurance can protect your investment you make in travel plans. This is like any other insurance plan as it protects you from additional expenses due to trip cancellation & Luggage Loss.

  • How to apply for cover??

    Provide travel details to DNIRC like Date of Travel, Destination, Period of Travel & Date of Birth, cover will commence only when this application has been accepted and premium received

  • Who can be insured??

    Any resident or citizen of the United Arab Emirates, who is 70 years of age or younger.

  • When can I Purchase the Travel Insurance??

    It is possible to get travel insurance until the day before you plan to travel.

  • Can any trip be covered??

    Travel Insurance covers conventional non-working holidays, or business trips that do not involve manual labor. This coverage is not available to people leaving their country of residence permanently.

  • Is this travel insurance is partly covered under my other insurance policies? If so why do I need to take travel policy separately??

    It is not necessary that your medical or life policy will provide you with adequate travel protection. You should check these policies before you travel to assess just how you would be covered in case you have an emergency.

    Health insurance plans do not cover your expenses directly when you are in a foreign country and they may also have deductibles and won't cover the cost of emergency medical transportation unless you have optionally selected the extra cover.

  • How do I contact the help line if i required assistance in a foreign country??

    Europe Assistance
    Medical Emergency : +44 1444 442020
    Travel Assistance : +44 1444 442030
    Europe Assist Code : 09ISI

  • How do I declare a claim??

    Medical expenses:  In the event of sudden illness or injury of the insured person outside the usual country of residence, insured has to call the Europe Assistance prior to his admission. Assistance will guarantee the direct payment subject to any deductible.

    Theft: you must provide written proof from the police that the incident has been reported.
    Baggage delay: written proof of the delayed delivery must be obtained from the airline.
    P.S: For all claims, please refer Europe Assistance